At NEW OSAKA HOTEL SHINSAIBASHI, we ensure that the prices offered on our website are the best available .


At New Osaka Hotel Shinsaibashi, we have various perks to serve our members with good value and better convenience.
Same–day registration can be done easily from this website. Member only rate can be used right away.

No initiation or annual fee! 8 best perks of CROWN MEMBERS

"CROWN MEMBERS" is a membership perks for our guests to use New Osaka Hotel Shinsaibashi with more convenience. Our hotel staffs will welcome our members with heartfelt treatment with members–only perks.

No initiation or annual fee! 8 best perks of CROWN MEMBERS

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CROWN MEMBER only accommodation plan

Only members can stay at our hotel for the lowest price anytime, reserved from our website or by phone.

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Birthday special accommodation plan

As a birthday gift, our hotel will send members a special accommodation plan in their birth month via email.

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Up to one night of free stay!!

Value point card that can be used as a discount coupon depending on the points Collect and use for more value. 10 points for a free breakfast, 25 points for \2,000 off the bill in our hotel, and 40 points for a free night in a single room.

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10% off at Café & Bar Adustam

Members get 10% off at Café & Bar Adustam when they present their membership card.

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Early check–in! Late check–out! Change to long stay plan with no fee

In order for our members to have a relaxed stay to match their schedule, website and phone reservations can be changed – check–in can be as early as 12am and check–out can be as late as 3pm .

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Free mineral water

The hotel gives you free mineral water bottles to match the number of nights of your stay. Please inform the front desk if this is not necessary.

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One free bottle of wine

When a member books or refers a party at Café & Bar Adustam or Grotta dell' Amore, we will give you a bottle of wine for the party as a present.

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5% off for referral! And one night of free stay!

When a member refers a wedding party or an after party, we will take 5% off the fee. Also, the member who referred the party gets a free night in our single room.

Please present your membership card to get the members only perks at our facilities, during check–in, and at our restaurants. * Please note the perks cannot be enjoyed when the membership card is not presented