At NEW OSAKA HOTEL SHINSAIBASHI, we ensure that the prices offered on our website are the best available .


The restaurant has more than 50 different breakfast foods in a buffet style, including chef's special curry that became popular through word–of–mouth.
Also, there are a café & bar with free Wi–Fi and a grotto restaurant in the basement as a very popular wedding venue and a party space.
Please use them for various occasions as business, sightseeing, an important day, or with significant others.


A good day starts with a delicious breakfast. At New Osaka Hotel Shinsaibashi, we have a good balance of Japanese and Western foods for our domestic and international guests in a wide range of age groups. Enjoy chef's special curry, homemade sides, freshly baked bread, granola, and other seasonal dishes to start a good day.


There are daily chef's specials such as baked fish, sides, and seasonal dishes as cold soba noodles in the summer or boiled tofu in the winter. Have warm rice and miso soup to start off a healthy day.


Chef's special curry that is popular through word–of–mouth The curry is only cooked with the moisture from tomatoes and the original spice blend with no added water. It is a perfect dish to start an energetic day.


The number one freshly baked bread is croissant that is baked every morning. They are very popular among ladies. We also have cereal and granola. The aroma of bread puts a smile on your face in the morning.

Breakfast outline

1F Café & Bar Adustam
Business hours
7:00AM - 10:15AM
¥1000 yen (¥500 for ages 6-12)
Menu sample
Special chicken curry/Seasonal cream soup/Homemade scrambled eggs/Chicken and vegetables in cream sauce/Sausages/Potato salad/Salad, etc...
Nikujaga (Meat and potato stew)/Stewed squid and daikon/Stewed wings and taro/Baked fish (Salmon, mackerel)/Natto/Seasoned Nori (Seaweed)/Boiled tofu/Rice/Miso soup/Picked vegetables, etc...
Fresh baked bread
Croissant/Cinnamon roll/Custard Danish, etc...
Desserts and drinks
Yogurt/Cereal/Corn flakes/Orange/Apple juice/Herbal tea/Coffee, etc...

Café & Bar Adustam / Event & Party Space

The Adustam has light fare and drinks for business meetings, trip planning, break from shopping and live show, or relaxing before bed. Free Wi–Fi is available, so please feel free to come visit. Adustam offers "Welcome drink" to hotel guests. Enjoy the warm light from Frank Lloyd Wright lighting and monthly art exhibits. The Adustam is also equipped with projector and microphone, so it can be used as a meeting or a party space. The Adustam’s romantic and stylish seasonal terrace is open as a free space, but it can be used as an event space as well.

Café & Bar Adustam outline

First floor
Business hours
Cafe 12:00PM - 11:00PM(Self-service)
Shop holiday
No scheduled holidays

Café & Bar Adustam floor plan

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Grotta dell' Amore / Weding & Party Space

A spacious grotto with a winery motif that can seat up to 110 guests welcomes guests with a party filled with originality Enjoy the marvelous dishes from the chef in a romantic space that makes you forget about the hustle and bustle in the city. Many guests use the restaurant for restaurant weddings, wedding receptions and after parties, as well as fashion brand exhibitions and live performances. Of course, it can be used for various corporate banquets, seminars, and meetings. We can support a wide range of requests including authentic French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine.

Grotta dell' Amore outline

French/Italian/Chinese, and Japanese cuisine
Underground first floor
Business hours
10:00PM - 10:00PM (By appointment only)
Shop holiday
No scheduled holidays
Menu sample
Wedding course
Glass cube style Champignon and mini tomatoes Bagna Càuda
Bite–size marinated Norwegian salmon
Royal style scallops
Cocktail style homemade scrambled eggs, Hokkaido Ikura, and Consommé Gelée
Cappuccino style red beets cream soup with fragrant lime
Live lobster Poêle with fragrant oregano Provençal sauce and seasonal vegetable risotto
Japanese beef filet Poêle with potato purée and roasted seasonal vegetables

Grotta dell' Amore floor plan

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